Trans National Access

Within the AHEAD2020 program, a wide program of transnational access (TNA) to the best European test and calibration facilities and training/mentoring on X-ray data analysis is offered. Moreover, the program offers the possibility for scientists at all expertise levels to visit European institutes through a visitor program call. Proposals will be peer-reviewed by dedicated AHEAD selection panels and ranked according to their merit.

Aim: to give access to some of the best European ground test and calibration facilities relevant for high-energy astrophysics. Such facilities are used to test and/or calibrate new technology space hardware as well as hardware developed for specific space missions, but can be also used in a wider context.

The LARIX Facility is open to TNA access

TNA application procedure

Proposals must be submitted through website (see link below). They will be peer-reviewed by a dedicated AHEAD 2020 selection panel and ranked according to scientific and technological merit and relevance of the proposed program. The access costs for the selected facility will be covered by AHEAD as well as travel costs and daily allowances for the applicant user teams. Applications by experimental teams from European and non-European countries are eligible (the total access number for users not working in a EU or associated country being limited to 20%). Applications from EU or associated countries SME are encouraged. Applicant user teams consist of max. 3 individuals: the nationality of the majority of them must be different from the country hosting the facility. Short preparatory visits may also be allowed in advance of the main visit; the need for these visits must be stated and justified in the proposal.

TNA proposals submission

Work Package coordinator: Prof. Salvatore Sciortino

Local coordinator: Piero Rosati

AHEAD contact person: Enrico Virgilli